Wind Turbine Operator (WTO)

The Wind Turbine Operator course is for workers operating in and on wind turbines. Wind turbines pose some special challenges: they are often in rural areas and/or are difficult to reach. Within wind turbines, workers face further challenges: workers are working in pairs or small groups, in difficult to reach and potentially confined spaces, where a rescue is a challenging task for co-workers and/or fire and rescue services. Therefore, people need to work as safely as possible at all times, following set standards, national laws and regulations, and company-specific standards and procedures. Due to its international relationships, where instructors face these challenges from different perspectives (safe working, fire and rescue), Rescue 3 has developed the Wind Turbine Operator course to help organizations maintain high safety standards at all times. Rescue 3 provides an agreed international-certified training program to their training providers and instructors, to help them provide up-to-date information in this rapidly growing market of renewable energy.

Contact hours

12 hours


Minimum age: 18.

Qualification valid for

Prior experience of working with ropes is recommended


Safe Work at Heights (SWAH)
Coworker Rescue at Heights (CWRH)
Rope Access Safety and Rescue (RASR)
Wind Turbine Operator (WTO)

Recerted by

Wind Turbine Operator (WTO)
Industrial Rope Rescue Technician (IRRT)
Tower Safety, Climbing and Rescue (TWR)

Taught by

Wind Turbine Operator Instructor (WTOI)