Technical Rope Rescue Technician Level (TRRTL)

This 40 hour course is designed to take students from basic over-the-bank rescues to progressively more vertical scenarios. Students learn and practice such skills as preplanning, size-up and scene management, ascending and descending, belaying, mechanical advantage systems, lowering and raising systems, patient packaging and litter attending, tethers, and highlines. Completion of the TRRTL class satisfies the requirements in NFPA 1670 for Technical Rope Technician level training. In addition, Technician level training is mandatory for inclusion on many Federal Emergency Management Agency Teams at different levels.

Contact hours

40 hours


Minimum age: 18.

Qualification valid for

3 years


First Due Low Angle (FDLA)
Technical Rope Rescue Operations Level (TRROL)
Technical Rope Rescue Technician Level (TRRTL)
Rope Specialty Course Recertification

Recerted by

Technical Rope Rescue Technician Level (TRRTL)
Professional Qualification Assessment: Rope (PQR)
Professional Qualification Assessment: Water & Rope (PQWR)
Rope Specialty Course Recertification

Taught by

Instructor: Rope (InsR)
Instructor Rope – Instructor Trainer (InsR-IT)