Steering Committee

Rescue 3 International Steering Committee

The Rescue 3 International Steering Committee is made up of some of Rescue 3’s Regional Directors from around the world. This group of senior Instructor Trainers is responsible for advising Rescue 3’s corporate office on a number of subjects, including:

  • Where Rescue 3 is headed, including overall vision and planning for the future
  • Identifying new Rescue 3 course curriculum
  • Reviewing current Rescue 3 course curriculum
  • Worldwide market strategy
  • Brand protection and strategic marketing

Members of the Steering Committee were chosen to represent the global nature of Rescue 3 International, as well as for their particular expertise in certain areas. Their dedication to Rescue 3 and our continued advancement is sure to help keep Rescue 3 as the global leader in the technical rescue industry.

Current Steering Committee Members

Rescue 3 International

  • Mike Turnbull
  • Jen Miller

Rescue 3 Europe

  • Jon Gorman
  • Rodney Sebregts
  • Paul O’Sullivan

Rescue 3 Canada/Raven Rescue

  • Ron Morrison

Rescue 3 United States

  • Julie Munger & Abigail Polsby
  • Mike Berna
  • Tim Rogers