Swiftwater Rescue-Instructor Trainer (SRT-IT)

Swiftwater Rescue – Instructor Trainer is Rescue 3 International’s highest Water only instructor designation.
SRT-ITs teach Instructor courses as well as participate in curriculum development and committees.


  • SRTAI in good standing with Independent & Lead Instructor status for a minimum of 3 years
  • Assist with at least 1 Instructor course in the past 3 years
  • Recommendation by Regional Director and International Office

Instructor training & assessment

Complete Instructor Trainer Logbook

Qualification valid for

4 years

Able to teach

All courses a Swiftwater and Flood Rescue Advanced Instructor (SRTAI) can teach
Water and Flood Awareness Tutor (AWRT)
Basic Water First Responder Instructor (BWFRI)
Operations: Swiftwater First Responder Instructor (OPSI)
Swiftwater and Flood Rescue Technician Instructor (SRTI)
Swiftwater and Flood Rescue Advanced Instructor (SRTAI)

Additional Specialty Instructor Trainer Qualifications

see note below

Inland Rescue Swimmer Instructor Trainer (IRS-IT)
Technical Animal Rescue from Swiftwater Instructor Trainer (TAR-IT)
Rescues from Vehicles in Water Instructor Trainer (RVW-IT)
Swiftwater Recovery Specialist Instructor Trainer (SRS-IT)
Searching Rivers and Floods Instructor Trainer (SRF-IT)
Personal Watercraft Rescue Instructor Trainer (PWC-IT)
Swiftwater Paddle Boat Handling Instructor Trainer (SPBH-IT)

Note: Instructor Trainers can add Specialty IT qualifications by showing extensive depth of knowledge in that specialty. They must go through the normal instructor process for that specialty and obtain a recommendation for IT status from their Regional Director and an IT for that specialty discipline.