River Rescue Certification Professional (RRCP)

  • Also known in Europe as Whitewater Rescue Technician Professional (WRTP)
  • Also known in Canada as Rescue for River Runners Professional (RRRP)

River Rescue Certification Professional (RRCP) is an internationally recognized rescue certification that is written for professional boaters, by professional boaters. It is a fast-paced, scenario-based course designed to develop the ability to choose good actions when a river rescue is necessary. This curriculum is for river guides and kayakers who spend a good portion of their lives on the river in a professional capacity, and therefore have a solid base of boating and basic rescue skills already. This energetic, and physical curriculum will be challenging and focused on quick reaction time with a thorough understanding of options and resources. This three day, intensive and comprehensive course takes professional certification for the professional boater to a whole new level.

Contact hours

24 hours


  • Current River Guide
  • Prior river experience
  • Must be a confident swimmer
  • Minimum age: 18.

Qualification valid for

3 years


Recreational River Safety (RRS)
Whitewater Rescue Technician / River Rescue Certification (WRT/RRC)
River Rescue Certification Professional (RRCP)

Recerted by

River Rescue Certification Professional (RRCP)

Taught by

River Rescue Certification Professional Instructor (RRCPI)