Industrial Rope Rescue Technician (IRRT)

This course integrates the most current technology and research on Industrial Rope Rescue and Safety from throughout the world, and utilizes “discovery learning” to teach skills necessary to safely effect work in and around industry.

The course covers basic and specialized equipment, ropes and rigging, safety requirements considerations, scene management and organizations, hazard identification, ropes and rigging, ascending, descending, belaying, lowering and raising systems and litter management in an industrial environment.

It is designed to prepare individuals to perform rescues for themselves and their coworkers in an emergency. The program provides training and education on safety requirements for personal fall arrest systems, guidelines for minimum requirements for a managed fall protection program, safety requirements for positioning and travel restraint systems to help prevent falls.

Contact hours

32 hours


Minimum age: 18.

Qualification valid for

3 years


Safe Work at Heights (SWAH)
Coworker Rescue at Heights (CWRH)
Rope Access Safety and Rescue (RASR)
Industrial Rope Rescue Technician (IRRT)

Recerted by

Industrial Rope Rescue Technician (IRRT)
Wind Turbine Operator (WTO)
Tower Safety, Climbing and Rescue (TWR)

Taught by

Industrial Rope Rescue Technician Instructor (IRRTI)