Zach Byars

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  • (608) 123-7896
  • (512) 517-3185
  • Western Region / US

About this Training Provider

A native Texan, Zach sought out the swiftwater of the West at an early age. His parents met as whitewater guides for the American River Touring Association. Following their footsteps, Zach began his commercial whitewater guiding career in 2004 with Echo River Trips. He continues to guide trips on the Middle Fork of the Salmon for Echo between swiftwater seasons. In 2009 Zach made the jump from guide to instructor and has been teaching swiftwater rescue courses ever since. Zach has a passion and energy for the classes he teaches. He is at home in the water and on separate occasions has been accused by students of having gills. When not teaching, you can find Zach skiing the powder slopes in Jackson Hole, WY or running the rivers of the West. Courses Taught: SRT1 SRTA RRC RRCA, RRCKayak TRROL TRRTL and Wilderness Medicine Courses (WFA WAFA WFR).