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About this Training Provider

Battalion Chief Tim Rogers recently retired after 38 years of active and continuous service with the Charlotte Fire Department. At the time of his retirement, he was assigned to Battalion 5 of the Operations Division.  He now concentrates his time as the Managing Director for the Search and Rescue Training and Consulting Group- a Rescue 3 International Training Provider. Tim is married to his beloved Jonnie, a retired high school career development coordinator, and they shared the joy of raising their daughter Brooke who is a graduate of Clemson University and now serves as a Neuro-Trauma-ICU nurse in Greenville, SC.
During the course of his career, Chief Rogers was assigned as a company officer for rescue and haz-mat units and spent three years as the Technical Rescue Training Coordinator while assigned to the CFD Training Division.  He possesses a degree in Fire Protection Technology from Central Piedmont Community College and has continued to further his formal education while completing various courses at and through the National Fire Academy and the Emergency Management Institute.
As well, Chief Rogers is a Regional Director and Instructor-Trainer for Rescue 3 International; past coordinator of his department’s flood response and notification program as well as serving as a member of the city and county Flood Information Notification System or FINS leadership committee; and served as the Technician Group Leader and training coordinator for the North Carolina Emergency Management’s Helicopter Aquatic Rescue Team (NC-HART) as well as the swift water boat operations program.  In 1998, and in recognition of his program development and response efforts, Chief Rogers was awarded the Higgins and Langley Memorial for Outstanding Achievement in Swiftwater Rescue.  He went on to receive a second Higgins and Langley Memorial Award in 2002 for an incident that involved the rescue of two teens whom caught in swift water in Charlotte, a third Memorial Award in 2005 for his response as a NC-HART member while deployed during Hurricanes Frances and Ivan in North Carolina, and a fourth award for his work in the United Kingdom with their Chief Fire Officers Association.  In 2006, he received the NASAR State Award for North Carolina for this work with the FEMA/NIMS SAR Credentialing Committee. For his work with Rescue 3 International and Rescue 3-UK, Tim has received their respective Lifetime Achievement Awards.
From 1997 to 2000, Chief Rogers was a founding member and chairperson of North Carolina Emergency Management’s Technical Rescue Task Force that identified and developed team typing models and resources for disaster response. He has also been a deployment team leader during significant flood/disaster events in North Carolina, including Hurricane Floyd and Hurricane Isabel; was an Operations Manager during significant floods that affected Charlotte in 1995, 1997, 2003, 2008, 2009, and 2010; and was the team leader for helicopter rescue technicians during Hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan, Ophelia, Hanna, Matthew, Harvey, and the SC Storm Complex.
Chief Rogers also served as a member of the DHS/FEMA Search and Rescue Credentialing Committee where he was the chair of the Flood/Swift Water, Helicopter and Boat Operations Sub-Committee. As well, he has served as a subject matter expert for the FEMA USAR Operations Group and serves as a member of the UL-STP for Marine Buoyancy Devices. He also served as the past chairperson for the National Association for Search and Rescue’s (NASAR) Flood-Swift Water Rescue Committee, and is a former member of the Board of Directors for the Higgins and Langley Memorial Awards Foundation.  Tim was a founding member of the Helicopter Rescue and Response Association (now Airborne Public Safety Association) and served as the secretary of the organization’s board for four years.
For the last sixteen years, Tim has been a presenter at various seminars in the United Kingdom and Canada delivering lectures and training programs on flood/swift water planning, response, and team development. These included the Water Safe Conference in the UK on behalf of Rescue 3-UK, the IJOCC in Toronto on behalf of Fire Magazine, and finally the UK New Dimensions Conference at the House of Commons and House of Lords on behalf of the United Kingdom Chief Fire Officers Association.  Tim is also a faculty member for Rescue 3-Europe and Raven Rescue-Canada delivering the five-day Managing Water and Flood Emergencies program for emergency management personnel and emergency services responders.
Formally, Tim entered into helicopter rescue operations and training in 1996 as a student with Rescue 3 International and their Helicopter Aquatic Rescue Technician program.  From there, and in 1998, he was certified as an instructor for this program following a rigorous training and selection process. Along with being a founding member and the rescue training coordinator of NC-HART, and specific to helicopter rescue operations, he has served as a lead instructor and consultant for the following programs that included their respective 50 hour indoctrination classes and/or ninety-day recurrent/maintenance training initiatives:
  • South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
  • North Carolina Helicopter Aquatic Rescue Team (NC-HART)
  • South Carolina Helicopter Aquatic Rescue Team (SC-HART
  • Maryland Helicopter Aquatic Rescue Team (MD-HART)

During the course of Chief Rogers’ involvement with swift water rescue and helicopter rescue program development since 1992, he has delivered a number of lectures and presentations at various venues including:
  • The National Hurricane Conference
  • National Association for Search and Rescue
  • International Association of Dive Rescue Specialists
  • North Carolina State Firemen’s Association
  • North Carolina Association of Rescue Squads and EMS
  • FEMA “Risk Watch” Program Rollout in Washington DC
  • NCEM Annual Conference
  • APCO/NEMA Telecommunicator Conferences
  • Maryland State Firefighters Convention
  • Water Safe Conference-UK
  • IJOCC-Toronto, Canada
  • UK Airborne Response Conference
  • Personal Flotation Devices-Manufacturers Association (PFD-MA)
  • Rescue 3-Europe Instructors Conference

As well, Tim has provided articles and programs for emergency services media companies such as:
  • Advanced Rescue Technology
  • Fire Rescue Magazine
  • Fire Magazine
  • Fire Emergency Training Network-American Heat
  • The Weather Channel