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With years of experience in both first due rescue response, agency rescue team management, and manufacturer representation, the RSR team has been a vital tool to new teams looking to set up an effective water rescue program. Whether you need information about training and certification requirements for team members, equipment cache procurement and recommendations, coverage area response planning and  mapping, or funding and grant options, we can provide comprehensive support to help your agency start and grow a strong program.


River Sea Rescue has an extensive roster of adjunct instructors and operators in addition to our primary team, all of whom have responded to mass casualty incidents, disaster events, and extended rescue operations. Our team and full equipment cache are kept at ready status to respond to our communities during a flood or disaster and to regional emergencies as requested. We can provide not only certified rescue boat operators, rescue swimmers, and divers and up to 4 complete rescue boat teams, but we also have certified boat repair techs and mechanics to provide maintenance and repair support to other response agencies.


River Sea Rescue also provides standby rescue services for festivals, special events, filming, and commercial operations, whether on the ocean or on the river.  With extensive connections in the maritime community in throughout the west coast, RSR also provides planning and permitting, licensed vessels and captains, salvage/recovery, and emergency services for large scale events and multi day offshore operations.  Whether you need swiftwater rescue tech coverage on the river, boat teams for water safety and environmental containment, or support for marine surveying/research or filming, we can help you plan your event or provide the professional marine services needed to complete your project.

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James Reinheimer

Jeremiah Field