Rescue Tech International

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  • (206) 409-1765
  • Western Region / US

About this Training Provider

Rescue Tech International™ has been in business since 1982 and is solely owned and operated by Kim Little. We are dedicated to bringing you the highest standard of rescue instruction you can find.
At Rescue Tech we have 3 main goals in every class:
  • Safety at all times - We have an unparalleled safety record.
  • Learn something new - that will help you or your team handle a rescue or disaster faster, with a greater level of expertise, and with less possibility of injury [or death] to the rescuer or victim, human or animal.
  • Have fun doing the class - people learn more and retain those skills longer when the learning experience is enjoyable.
Rescue Tech works with Fire, Police, Disaster and Rescue Responders of all types.

Owner/Instructor Profile

Kim Little

Kim has contributed many techniques and skills, learned throughout his world travels, to the Rescue3 learning program. These include writing a Technical Ice Rescue manual and revising and improving the Rescue 3 Technical Animal Rescue manual. Kim lived in New Zealand for 11 years and has taught rescue instruction classes in many countries. Kim has been a member of several Search and Rescue teams and is an active Disaster and Rescue Responder. "I have been an independent Instructor over 25 years and an Instructor Trainer over 18 years for Rescue 3™.  I teach the Rescue 3 program because I believe it is the best curriculum available anywhere."