Northwest Rescue

Training Provider Information

  • 541-974-1376
  • Northwest Region / US

About this Training Provider

Northwest Rescue has been operating since 1997. Since then a number of agencies and organizations have been taught including the US ARMY, AIR FORCE, USCG, DEQ, EPA, Fire Departments, White Water Rafting Companies, Volunteer Organizations, Corp of Engineers, Telecommunication Tower Companies, Department of Fish and Wildlife, Police and many more.

Core Operations

  • Training / Education programs - The training programs combine modern training ideas that work with established techniques. We guarantee that you will enjoy these programs.
  • Consulting - To personal, state, city and commercial operations. The company's area of specialization is the development of: whitewater safety procedures and operating codes of practice, OSHA Compliance, NFPA Standards.
  • Equipment Sales - I sell only the same equipment I use and believe in it to work efficiently. I restrict my sales to current and prior clients that have taken courses from me and have been trained in the equipment they are purchasing.

Owner Profile

Keith Gillespie

Keith works full time as a Firefighter/Paramedic for the Albany Fire Department in Albany, Oregon. He has been in the northwest since 1979. On his days off he is seasonally found kayaking or rafting the Pacific Northwest Rivers. With over 20 years of experience in diving, river rescue, emergency medical services, firefighting, hazardous materials, technical rescue, search and rescue, and whitewater boating. He is committed to safety using progressive techniques and equipment while maintaining the highest standards recognized in the rescue industry. He is uniquely able to impact a casual instructional style to help learn technical skill sets. Keith is one of the top instructor resources in the northwest. Having spent time in the U.S. Army and National Guard he has had his share of experiences and training. As a graduate from the Chemeketa Firefighter training program along with EMT and HAZMAT training he began adding Rescue 3 International's curriculum to his abilities. Keith has traveled throughout most of the United States and other parts of the world teaching. Oregon is where he calls home.


Northwest Rescue is a uniquely experienced hands-on safety and rescue training company. Through its in-depth knowledge of the rescue industry, Northwest Rescue can provide the training and educational requirements for competent instruction, and offer assistance to government, individuals and private companies and operators in the development of complying with regulated and consensus standards.