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About Us

Arroyo Rescue was founded in Farmington, New Mexico, in 1997. Since then, we have been consulting and teaching around the United States and Internationally. We specialize in Technical Rescue so whether it is Ropes, Rivers or Rescue, we are there for you! Our staff have a highly varied and specialized background as first responders, experiential educators, disaster response and international development. We are specialized in Fire/Rescue Instruction and act as Consulting Specialists who work with rescue professionals ranging from the firefighter to the military. For those who rely on their training, we sell the highest quality rescue equipment and support those who use it. As educators, we specialize in creative curriculum, and enjoy the challenges that unique organizations pose by being able to combine and modify our classes to best suit our clientele. Whatever the needs of your organization, we can create a curriculum that works for you, while staying within the professional definitions of certification in our classwork. For those who work near rivers and water, our instructors not only are active as professional rescuers, but we enjoy the river in a recreational context as boaters and rafters. This gives us an ability to provide bilaterally focused curriculum to both professional rescuers and guides, and our history on the waterways of the United States gives us the background to train. When it comes to ropes, we specialize in providing training focused around complicated access. We offer courses in Rope Access to professionals on the fire service, search and rescue, and industrial access. Whether training in Farmington, or at your home facilities or locations, we look forward to offering you the highest possible level of rescue instruction. See if any of our current course offerings are of interest to you, or contact us directly to schedule a class!

Instructor Profile

Vince Moffitt

Vince lives in Farmington, New Mexico, and has 2 girls and one boy. He is a retired Battalion Chief with Farmington Fire Department, where he was a founding member and coordinator of Farmington Technical Rescue Team. He still serves as Task Force Leader for FEMA, New Mexico Task Force one (NMTF1), Urban Search and Rescue Team (USAR). Vince is a Water, Rope, and Confined Space Rescue Master Instructor (Instructor Trainer) with Rescue 3 International. Vince is also a Fire, EMS and Technical Rescue Instructor for San Juan College Fire Science, Instructor trainer and Course co-developer for ACA Rafting Instructional program. His whitewater and climbing experience includes climbing, rafting and kayaking both privately and commercially for over 20 years.

Aaron Kent

Aaron has been working with Vince as the Director of Operations at Arroyo Rescue since 2015. Previously, he taught at Union College where he was the Technical Rescue and Outdoor Education Instructor for 10 years. He has worked extensively in public health in Latin America and has been involved in disaster response to Hurricanes Katrina, Ike, Sandy, and Haiyan, and the earthquake response to Haiti in 2010. Aside from teaching for Rescue 3, he enjoys all things mountain-related and expedition-based.