Instructor Rope – Instructor Trainer (InsR-IT)

Instructor Rope – Instructor Trainer is one of Rescue 3 International’s two Rope-only
instructor trainer designations. The other is the Rope Rescue Instructor Trainer (RR-IT).
InsR-ITs teach Instructor courses as well as participate in curriculum development and committees.


  • Instructor: Rope (InsR) in good standing with Independent & Lead Instructor
    status for a minimum of 3 years
  • Assist with at least 1 Instructor course in the past 3 years
  • Recommendation by Regional Director and International Office

Instructor training & assessment

Complete Instructor Trainer Logbook

Qualification valid for

4 years

Able to teach

All courses an Instructor: Rope (InsR) can teach
Technical Rope Rescue Operations Level Instructor (TRROLI)
Instructor: Rope (InsR)

Additional Specialty Instructor Trainer Qualifications

see note below

Recreational Rappel Instructor Trainer (RECRO-IT)
Tower Rescue Instructor Trainer (TWR-IT)
Wind Turbine Operator Instructor Trainer(WTO-IT)
Animal Rescue Technician Instructor Trainer (ART-IT)

Note: Instructor Trainers can add Specialty IT qualifications by showing extensive depth of knowledge in that specialty. They must go through the normal instructor process for that specialty and obtain a recommendation for IT status from their Regional Director and an IT for that specialty discipline.