Confined Space Industrial Rescue Technician (CSIRT)

The Confined Space Rescue Operator (CSRO) course introduces the knowledge and skills required by personnel to operate safely and effectively during confined space rescues and be an active part of a confined space rescue team working under the supervision of Confined Space Rescue Technicians. Topics that are covered include: hazards of confined spaces, gas detection, legislation and guidelines on the area of confined spaces, knowledge of knots, loads and forces, building anchors, using pulley systems, use of tripod, self-climbing and rappelling, lowering and hoisting of rescuer and victim, standard configurations, stretchers used for confined space, situation analysis and incident management around incidents in confined spaces.

Contact hours

30 hours


Qualification valid for

3 years


Safe Working in Confined Spaces (SWCS)
Confined Space Entry & Rescue (CSER)
Confined Space Rescue Operator (CSRO)
Confined Space Industrial Rescue Technician (CSIRT)

Recertified By

Confined Space Industrial Rescue Technician (CSIRT)

Taught by

Confined Space Rescue Technician Instructor (CSRTI)