Confined Space Entry and Rescue (CSER)

Everyone who works in confined spaces may be faced with a colleague who is incapacitated and requires rescue. The Confined Space Entry and Rescue (CSER) course teaches participants to deal with that situation. Using simple techniques and industry standard equipment, you will learn how you can free a colleague from a dangerous situation in confined spaces. The rapid release of this trapped person must be your highest priority, to prevent further injury. In accordance with the law on working conditions and the consequent duty of care, an employer is required to prepare employees for this possible scenario. Generally, with a few simple tools, this problem can easy be solved.

Contact hours

6 hours


Minimum age: 18.

Qualification valid for

3 years


Safe Working in Confined Spaces (SWCS)
Confined Space Entry and Rescue (CSER)

Recertified By

Confined Space Entry and Rescue (CSER)
Confined Space Rescue Operator (CSRO)
Confined Space Rescue Technician (CSRT)
Confined Space Rescue Specialist (CSRS)

Taught by

Confined Space Rescue Operator Instructor (CSROI)
Confined Space Rescue Technician Instructor (CSRTI)
Confined Space Rescue Specialist Instructor (CSRSI)