Confined Space – Emergency Services

Confined Space for Emergency Services

Confined spaces are one of the most challenging and dangerous environments facing emergency responders today. Our courses provide the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and efficiently participate in and supervise team members in the performance of a technical rescue from a confined space.

Confined Space Entry and Rescue

The Confined Space Entry and Rescue (CSER) course teaches participants to deal with a colleague who is incapacitated and requires rescue using simple techniques and industry standard equipment.

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Confined Space Rescue Operator

This course teaches personnel to operate safely and effectively during confined space rescues under the supervision of Confined Space Rescue Technician.

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Confined Space Rescue Technician

This course is designed to improve the safety and productivity of emergency responders faced with responding to confined space emergencies.

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Confined Space Rescue Specialist

This course is for confined space rescue team members who already have completed a comprehensive basic training and want to continue to specialize.

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