Body Recovery from Water Study

Body Recovery From Water Questionnaire

The aim of this study is to collect and share data with the search community regarding body recoveries in water. This is in an effort to make us more effective in both the searching for and the recovery of bodies from water. Enhancing our knowledge and skills will ensure that we save time and money in searching for missing people, minimize the risk to all of those involved and may be able to give an earlier resolution to the families of missing people.

There are certain factors that affect the movement and subsequent location of the human body in water and these variables will effectively determine the search parameters and the subsequent success of the operation. On a pilot test of gathering data from Sussex Police divers, it became apparent that retrospective cases could be used as records completed of the search operation and subsequent officer statements provided adequate information to add to the database.

It is vital to the success of this project to get data on body recoveries from Police Dive and Marine Units, Search and Rescue Teams, Fire Service Colleagues and other agencies so that the database can be built up and statistical analysis carried out on the results. This would provide us with a means to target and prioritize search areas and increase our chances of success in the future. Sanitized information may also be provided to public organizations for the purpose of preventing drowning incidents in the future where possible and appropriate. In the UK this would be the National Water Safety Forum (Water Incident Database).

Please help me by providing both current and retrospective data of your waterborne body recoveries so that the data can be shared among us all.

Should you have any questions regarding the project please contact me:

Sergeant DD129 Lorna Dennison-Wilkins
Sussex Police Headquarters,
Church Lane,
East Sussex.

Telephone 101 (and ask to be transferred) or 07768554473