Water and Flood Awareness Online (AWRO)

This comprehensive introduction course trains students to the Awareness Level and provides the information necessary for those individuals who may respond to a water or flood emergency, or who will support trained rescues from the shore, air, or from afar. Students will learn proper protocol and techniques, as well as dangers to avoid and how not to become victims themselves. This self paced course features exciting information packed videos that allow students to immerse themselves in the world of water and flood rescue. During the course, students have the ability to fully learn the material by:

  • Start and stop the videos
  • Downloading material
  • Rewatch and review curriculum as many times and necessary
  • Receive immediate feedback through online practice quizzes.

Once students have a firm grasp of the material they take the final exam and, upon successful completion, receive their certification.

Rescue3 Flood & Swiftwater Awareness – Online Certification from Earth Experience on Vimeo.

Contact hours

8 hours


Minimum age: 18.

Qualification valid for

3 years


Water & Flood Awareness (AWR)
Swiftwater and Flood Awareness Online (AWRO)

Recerted by

Water & Flood Awareness (AWR)
Swiftwater and Flood Awareness Online (AWRO)
Basic Water First Responder (BWFR)
Operations: Swiftwater and Flood First Responder (OPS)
Swiftwater and Flood Rescue Technician (SRT)
Swiftwater Rescue Technician Advanced Water (SRTAW)
Swiftwater Rescue Technician Advanced (SRTA)
Professional Qualification Assessment: Water (PQW)
Professional Qualification Assessment: Water & Rope (PQWR)

Taught by

Water and Flood Awareness Tutor (AWRT)
Basic Water First Responder Instructor (BWFRI)
Operations: Swiftwater and Flood First Responder (OPS)
Instructor Water (InsW)
Instructor Water & Rope (InsWR)
Instructor Water & Rope – Instructor Trainer (InsWR-IT)