Industrial & Government

Industrial and Government

We provide a full range of courses tailored to the specific needs of personnel working in industry, natural resource management, and environmental consulting. These courses are the “standard-of-care” or recommended training for personnel working in high risk outdoor environments like moving water, frozen lakes and rivers, or at height.
emergency services water

Water Courses

Rescue 3’s water courses cover a wide range of topics, including swiftwater, flood, ice and more…

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emergency services rope

Rope Courses

Rescue 3’s NFPA compliant rope courses range from low angle to high angle in a variety of environments.

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emergency services confined space

Confined Space Courses

Our courses provide the knowledge and skills necessary to perform rescues safely and efficiently.

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emergency services medical

Medical Courses

These courses are designed for urban and rural emergency responders during natural disasters and severe weather events when resources are limited and transport to medical facilities impossible.

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Instructor Courses

Rescue 3 Instructors have long been considered some of the best in the industry and the Rescue 3 Instructor qualification is used as a sign of professionalism and quality throughout the world.

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